Special Issue CFP: “In the Along”: Curricular and Pedagogical Imperatives for Black Mattering


The guest editors for our Special Issue (4.2) of JETHE ,“In the Along”: Curricular and Pedagogical Imperatives for Black Mattering, seek abstract proposals by November 1, 2020. We are pleased that Dr. Wilson K. Okello, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Dr. TJ Stewart, Iowa State University, have gratiously agreed to guest edit this important special issue.

In the spirit of freedom dreaming (Kelley, 2002), we seek empirical and theoretical submissions across four broad sections: curriculum, pedagogy, system changes, and theory to practice, that address the following:

  • How do we as teachers and practitioners participate in Black suffering, where Black suffering denotes both the mundane and devastating expressions of anti-Blackness? 
  • What are our responsibilities in and to socially charged moments? 
  • How do we serve as witnesses to Black suffering in ways that draw our attention, not merely to the traumatic moment, but to Black life lived in the face of anti-black terror in schools and other educational sites?
  • How do we not enact violence in and through our pedagogies?

Subtopics may include or take up:

  • Black literacies 
  • Black joy
  • Black resistance
  • Black love (loving Blackness)
  • Black and endarkened feminist praxis and epistemologies
  • Queer of color,  gender-queer, and trans studies
  • Intersections of Blackness and dis/ability
  • Ethical community-engaged research
  • Creativity and arts-based methodologies
  • Decolonial praxis

Please review the Special Issue CFP for a more detailed discussion of the articles we seek, submission information, and our publication timeline.