The Impact of Learning How to Teach for College Professors


  • Nicole Baker Purdue Northwest



teaching practices, adult learning, methodology, faculty development


In higher education institutions, many faculty members are hired because they are experts in their field of study, but not necessarily individuals who are trained in how to teach. This quantitative, quasi-experiment study examined college faculty member’s level of methodology training in relation to student satisfaction, current course performance, attendance, the belief in the need for training, and a faculty member’s sense of efficacy in teaching. In other words, does having a college professor trained in how to teach matter? The researcher found statistically significant results for student satisfaction, current course performance and attendance. The faculty member’s belief in the need for teaching methodology training showed that 96% (n = 87) of the faculty surveyed felt there was a need to be trained to teach at the college level. Faculty members want to be trained and great things can happen when faculty members develop the skills in “how to teach.”