Indigenous cultures and communities in higher education teaching and learning


  • Elizabeth Jones UNC Pembroke
  • Scott Hicks
  • Joshua Kalin Busman
  • Kelly J. Barber-Lester
  • Jennifer Jones-Locklear
  • Camille Locklear Goins



Indigeneity, Indigenous, Pedagogy, Higher Education, Native American


 Our initial impetus for this project stems from the development of UNCP’s Indigenous Cultures & Communities (ICC) graduation requirement and the efforts of individual faculty representing disciplines in the arts, education, humanities, library, and nursing to redesign class activities and courses and share models and templates for readers’ use and adaptation in incorporating Indigenous-centered pedagogies in their own courses. We have curated our practical and philosophical methods for engaging Indigenous knowledge and using Indigenous-centered pedagogies in college courses and curricula through the lens of faculty efforts to redesign their courses in support of a newly instituted graduation requirement focused on Indigenous cultures and communities.