Showing Out

Africanisms and Hip-hop Mindfulness as Black Cultural Praxis of Excellence, Resistance, Joy, and Love


  • Toby S Jenkins University of South Carolina
  • Gloria Boutte University of South Carolina
  • Kamania Wynter-Hoyte University of South Carolina



Hip-Hop, Black Culture, Africanisms, African Cultural Legacies


In this essay, we center hip-hop culture and Black cultural legacies.  We envision and offer a two-fold framework which illuminates the intersection between the two. We explore ways that the Black cultural experience (or better yet Black cultural praxis) has always brilliantly and organically demonstrated the shape and form of a scholarship of consequence.  Black cultural praxis, or reflective action with a Black emancipatory influence, has always allowed freedom of movement, freedom of body, freedom of tongue, and freedom of voice. We translate what this cultural praxis teaches and urges regarding the transformation, unbinding, and freeing of both educators and educational spaces. We demonstrate how the intersection of hip-hop culture and Black cultural legacies can be instructive and transformative to educators. We invite educators to reimagine their classroom spaces by not only focusing on learning about hip hop but from it as well.