Experiential Learning and Peer Teaching to Develop PowerPoint Slide Formatting Skills

  • Kay Maree Hammond Auckland University of Technology
Keywords: Oral presentation, PowerPoint, experiential learning, peer teaching, undergraduate


Construction of visual material to enhance audience understanding of an oral presentation is an important skill in educational and professional settings. Many first-year undergraduates may not be familiar with the basic principles of effective slide design to increase audience understanding. However, faculty face time pressures to train students on effective use of information technology for educational activities. This paper reports on the development and use of a time-efficient, engaging, in-class activity involving specific learning criteria for slide design in an academic literacy course. The activity is based on experiential learning and peer teaching to increase student ability and confidence with creating PowerPoint slides for first year undergraduates. Students evaluated the activity positively and were able to achieve most of the learning criteria. Recommendations for further development of the activity are provided.