The Application of Metacognitive Note-taking Skills in Reading Lessons to EFL College Students

  • Mi Pham Kieu Phan Binh Dinh College
Keywords: metacognitive strategies, metacognitive note-taking, self-questioning, self-regulation


Metacognition has been considered as a key element for successful self-regulated learning. However, it seemed foreign to EFL college students. The present study examined students’ changes in metacognitive strategy use in the two conditions: one condition with the intervention of metacognitive note-taking skills (MNT) and one with the conventional teaching approach. Fifty-four students were randomly assigned to an experimental group (n=27) and a control group (n=27). Each group separately took part in a seven-session instruction outside school time, and then took a pretest and a posttest measuring their awareness level of reading strategy use. Nineteen out of the experimental participants individually attended semi-structured interviews, exploring their perceptions of the effect of MNT use while reading. The tests’ results demonstrated that there were significant differences in their recognition of reading strategy use in both conditions. The qualitative findings reported on positive perceptions of the MNT application during reading sessions. Also, the participants showed some difficulties in the application of MNT. This study potentially provides an effective and innovative educational tool to enhance students’ academic learning and their lifelong learning as well.