Learning by Design

Rethinking Curriculum Alignment through Collaborative Inquiry

  • Morgan Vassey Blanton Appalachian State University
  • Linda C. Pacifici Appalachian State University
Keywords: teacher education, curriculum, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Digital Sabbath


This article reports on an application of a SoTL research process for two teacher education instructors in an undergraduate teacher education course, Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. After engaging in content analysis of student work samples derived from a Digital Sabbath assignment, the instructors asked more questions about how well the assignment aligned to course objectives and intended learning outcomes. Collaboratively, they determined how the Digital Sabbath assignment could be revised to better meet the stated course objective. The authors anticipate that assignment revisions could result in improved student learning outcomes for the teacher education students. Insights from the student responses and course materials are discussed as well as implications for teaching and learning in a teacher education program.